About Us

We currently do not have a retail location. In the past this site had access to bargain books available online. It is possible that there will be such opportunities in the future and you should check this site periodically for such opportunities.

In the meantime we are constantly looking for ways to help spread the love of bargain books throughout the land to anyone willing to listen.

We are a group of individuals that found value in spreading literacy to those in need and spreading the love of reading to those who didn't know that they needed it. Wholesale prices on bargain books made available to the public is a good start to help reading compete with less expensive media. After all, reading has to compete with TV, movies, DVDs and other forms of entertainment. The cost is a big reason why many have turned away from reading.

We are looking for ways to benefit the community around us because we are the community. By helping each other, we help ourselves.

For more information, simply email us at

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