When looking to buy wholesale bargain books, usually you are looking to buy bulk purchases of deep discount books. These are often used as fundraisers for charity, stocking up for bookstores for major sales of half-off or more from the cover price, or even corporate gift ideas.

While we have gotten involved in providing wholesale bargain books in the past, and have even been the customer in wholesale bargain books purchases to increase our own inventory, currently we have not been entering into those areas.

That doesn't mean that we can't provide some quality advice. We want you to know some of the pitfalls of buying bulk deep discount items and how to avoid them.

First, are these from overstock situations, or has the merchandise been damaged? To that end, it is important to find out if they are in their original packaging, if they can be inspected prior to purchase, if there's a guarantee involved and if there is any history of trouble. Remember, not all damage is visible...check to see if there is a foul odor as well.

Second, what is the quality of the literature? There is no use in buying wholesale bargain books if no one wants them. Make certain that the content has some value and that there is some merit to selling or disposing of the items. It costs money to hold large numbers of items safely. That's why these companies are willing to part with them in the first place.

Third, how much will it cost to ship? Often the cost of shipping such items could be more expensive than the items themselves. Calculate this into your original cost estimate.

Buying in bulk to achieve deep discounts can be a very good thing. Doing so successfully requires some planning and understanding of the issues involved. A little forethought will go a long way to protect your investment.

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