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We love science fiction books. And only one thing can improve a good science fiction book, and that's getting that sci-fi book for a bargain!

Science fiction books tell fanciful tales and get the mind racing with the possibilities. Though they often attempt to tie to generally accepted scientific principals, they depart from our reality and scream with the possibilities of a future either better or worse than our own.

Sometimes these stories provide a clean break with our reality and create a whole new universe that can provide some form of insight into our own.

Though the stories are often way "out there" the morality plays are usually very straight forward. Many times there is a clear "good guy" and "bad guy" that do battle over some form of cosmic justice. These tales can help to provide a sense of morality that is sometimes seen as lacking in our own reality.

Though we currently do not have a retail location, we hope that we can help people in some way to find opportunities to find good quality books.

In the future we hope to have some offerings for you ourselves, but in the meantime, use things links to find some quality fiction books at not too expensive prices.

We wish you luck in the future and good reading!


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