Better Than The Truth!

We love fiction books. And only one thing can improve a good fiction book, and that's getting that book for a bargain!

Fiction books tell fanciful tales and get the mind racing with the possibilities. Though some have a basis in reality, they can help you travel through worlds that only the imagination can render. Each trip is a unique experience tailored to the imagination of the traveler.

Though we currently do not have a retail location, we hope that we can help people in some way to find opportunities to find good quality books.

In the future we hope to have some offerings for you ourselves, but in the meantime, use things links to find some quality fiction books at not too expensive prices.

We wish you luck in the future and good reading!


Eden Books

Books On Board

We are looking for ways to benefit the community around us because we are the community. By helping each other, we help ourselves.

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